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About Us

That’s me

I’m a music-loving guy from Austria. My favourite instrument by far are the drums – I’m also the drummer of a small rock-band. I am not only addicted to making music and listening to the brilliant music my favourite musicians produce, but I also like observing the instruments they play. So I decided to share my passion by presenting drummers and their instruments.

How I work

I deal with my favorite musicians all the time, and I love to research about their equipment. To help other fans find out which drum set the stars use, I have collected them here.

How I finance my project

My business model is based on commission. This means I get a piece of the cake when someone buys a product, I recommend from one of our partners. Don’t worry, the price remains the same for the buyer. And this is very important to me: We would never knowingly recommend something that I felt was unsuitable for you.