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Photo by Jim Summaria

Keith Moon

Band: The Who

Genre: Rock

Keith John Moon (* August 23rd, 1946 in London; † September 7th, 1978 in Mayfair, London)
Born in England in 1946, Keith Moon was the fiery drummer of The Who, one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. Known for his unpredictable style and off-stage antics, Moon was a true original. Keith Moon redefined what it meant to be a drummer. His energetic performances and over the top personality made him unforgettable. He’s a legend to anyone interested in the history of rock music or drumming. Here’s his drum kit.

Created with drumstructor


Premier Custom Built (in birch)

  • 2x 22″ × 14″ Bass Drums
  • 3x 14″ × 8″ Tom Toms
  • 3x 16″ Floor Toms (2×16″x 18″; 1x 16″ × 16″)
  • 14″ × 5½″ Snare Drum

Keith’s Drum Gear